Time and attendance

Manage your staff time and attendance with your easy to use and stylish touch screen clocking system, allowing your staff to self-serve

Complete management of your shifts

Complete management of your shifts

  • Booking on & off - staff can clock in and out using a PIN number, NFC card or fob
  • Shift selection - the clocking system will display a selection of shifts or
    automatically select a single shift for a particular period. The information is then sent to the core application and updated in real-time.
  • Exception management - staff can choose from a list reasons as to why they are arriving or leaving late/early which will then be sent for approval
  • Staff can log a break during a shift.

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Self-service features

Empower your employees, retain your carers and improve business efficiencies by allowing your staff to self serve.

Via the terminal and staff portal, they can:

  • Update their personal details
  • Download their timesheets and rotas
  • Download their payslips
  • View their shifts within certain periods
  • Add additional availability, making planning and rostering easier and more efficient
  • Provide feedback on a shift
  • Request holiday
  • Set patterns of availability

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Self-service features


For staff

  • A single location to clock on and off 
  •  Simple and easy to use - no need for in-depth training 
  •  Staff empowered to self-serve and manage

Owners & managers

  • Record and monitor holiday, absence and service delivery
  • Automated processes and reduced administration 
  •  Improved communication across the business

Finance & operations

  • All data integrated and updated automatically in payroll and invoicing 
  •  Real-time reports and analysis 
  •  Accurate and valuable data to ensure quality and compliance

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All the tools you need to manage your workforce

Access Time & Attendance provides all the features you need to run your business effectively. We work in a range of industries including Supply Chain, Not for Profit and Professional Services